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FLUIDOTEHNIC's production program is based on its own development. Thanks to that, all the products are the result of the engineering staff work, as well as the quality and skilled workers in manufacturing and installation. Each serial product during the conquest passes through the phase of prototype development, functional tests and check in real operating conditions. Following step is removal of all possible defects and then, based on that, test series is produced. This is how we achieve high quality of manufactured devices. In case of the individual production, after the functional testing, we deliver the product to the customer.



FLUIDOTEHNIC Ltd. Vrnjačka Banja was founded in 1993 as a company for the design, manufacturing, services and engineering of the non-standard equipment and systems in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication techniques. This program wasn't selected by chance, because the major manufacturers of this equipment didn't satisfied market needs and requirements. On the other hand, most of the small companies do not possess adequate technical and technological personnel to solve problems in this field quickly and efficiently. FLUIDOTEHNIC quickly became the leading manufacturer of this equipment in Serbia. The manufacturing program itself tied FLUIDOTEHNIC to large systems with the toughest working conditions such as mines with surface and underground mining, steel mills, cement factories, foundries, hydroelectric power plants, shipyards, ports etc. In 1994. FLUIDOTEHNIC started with the development of electrohydraulic thrusters (tearing of declutcher) for the producers of cranes, excavators and conveyor belts in opencast mines. Soon, the first quantities of these hydraulic devices appeared on the market. That is how FLUIDOTEHNIC became the only manufacturer of tearing of declutcher in Serbia- highly recognizable by quality in Europe.


Since its foundation FLUIDOTEHNIC Ltd. has been continuously investing both in the expansion of commercial building and the purchase of modern equipment for the production, control and techno-economic support. It is located in the industrial zone of Vrnjacka Banja, on a lot size ~ 2ha. It consists several buildings, connected into a functional whole area of 5000 m2. The whole complex is adjusted to the environment- we are taking good care of health, work safety and environmental protection.

Development and marketing

Market research, device development, technical assistance and personnel training free of charge for all our customers is the main task of this service. Many years of experience in the development tasks of hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication techniques, as well as t the latest computer technology guarantee that outr custumers will get the optimum technical solution. During the development, every device passes precisely defined procedure, starting from making the design concept, followed by manufacturing and testing prototypes and going into production.


Production and assembly

It consists of several facilities and departments: foundry of non-ferrous metals, mechanical drive, locksmith department, installation and technical control. All operations from the casting to the final machining are performed with the universal and software machines. Control and assembly is 100% When the assembly is finished, each device is being tested on the test stand and on the basis of the results it getsthe appropriate certificates and guarantees On each call of the user, service teams come in as soon as possible, with spare parts and the necessary tools, regardless of whether the equipment is in warranty or out of warranty period.

Commercial and Finances

This unit performs coordinating the work of other services, purchase, sales and relationships with other financial institutions, as well as the monitoring of the work of company using modern computer systems and related softwares. performs.



"FLUIDOTEHNIC" is a modern, socially responsible business organization, which aims to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency while fully satisfying the demands and expectations of customers with assortment and superb quality of its products. "FLUIDOTEHNIC 's management aims to satisfy the interests of their employees, of the suppliers, and of the entire community, also, to improve its impact on the living and working environment and thus realizes the expectations of all stakeholders.


The vision of "FLUIDOTEHNIC" is to be the leader in its field in every market, recognized for its quality products and services. Its driving force is a constant dialogue with the environment and employees.



• Performance on the market - constant development and introduction of new technological solutions and modern production equipment. • Standards of Conduct - a set of rules of behavior for employees during the internal or external communication. These rules are motivated by personal and professional development, and oriented to satisfy the needs of customers / users and the overall development of the company. • Driving forces - high quality of technical and technological backing that provides complete rationality of all procedures and high awareness of employees based on mutual respect and trust, belonging to the collective and individual contribution to the reputation of the company. • Improving the impact of our processes to protect the living and working environment in compliance with applicable laws and regulations - optimum consumption of energy and natural resources, elimination of emissions into the air / water / soil, reducing the shipment of waste and reducing the risk of potential accidents in the working and living environment