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Control of the products

FLUIDOTEHNIC 's products and servicing are applied on the worth user equipment which has a very responsible function. For this reason, FLUIDOTEHNIC's products are in compliance with customers' requirements and the requirements of applicable standards and regulations.

In order to achieve this, we have defined the methods of controlling the product:

  • inspection of incoming components and materials. Responsible components procured from reputable suppliers, with a certificate of quality;
  • controlling the preparation of the position (auto perpetrators and verification of the persons responsible for the manufacture)
  • controlling each unit of the finished product on the bench, which means 100% validation and verification. The results of the computerized validation process and submitt for delivery in the form of Certificate of inspection and testing.

When contracted, or when the nature of the device or installation is such that the validation of the product performs with the individual user, "FLUIDOTEHNIC" performs installation and testing at the user. After all activities, we make a MINUTES signed by persons authorized by user and FLUIDOTEHNIC , as a record of the validation of the product.