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Electrohydraulic thrusters

Electrohydraulic thrusters, consider it's working principle, is a hydrodynamic power unit. Due to its positive characteristics, they have a wide industrial application: brake activation, coupling drive, valve drive, gate valve drive, shearing machine, etc.
In fact, the device can be used for short time functions, where is the overload and voltage drop insensitive required.

However, very often application are for the hoist brake, surface mining machinery, such as excavators, stackers, transporting systems and combination devices. The operation principle enable the brake activation in case of failure of electrohydraulic thruster, what prevent the plant from damage.

FLUIDOTEHNIC produces electrohydraulic thrusters from 1994. Thousands of units are in exploitation in hardest working and environment condition, from polar to tropical.

Electrohydraulic thrusters of FLUIDOTEHNIC are extremely designed to be compact, reliable and at a high aesthetic level. Electric motor is immersed in oil. Good cooling conditions provide long terms of continuos work and periodically inclusion up to 2000 cycles per hour. The device is concepted to satisfy the most advanced needs in force (12-400daN), stroke (50-160mm) and temperature range from -45 to +70 °C. Voltage in standard execution is 400V 50 Hz, but we also can satisfy special request for voltage, frequency, dimensions and temperature range.

Electrohydraulic thrusters produced in FLUIDOTEHNIC are registered by INSTITUTE FOR QUALITY 1. MAJ – Nis. Registered number is 03-3322/2 from 25.12.1996. The certificate of safety and certificate of testing are available for each device.
There is lot of electrohydraulic thrusters of different manufacturers in exploitations such as ELDRO-EMG, BEL-VEM, ELHY, EB-VEM, EHT-ELEKTROKOVINA, SHZ, Fluidotehnic produces special devices for substitutions with same installation dimensions.

On customer request the device can be equipped with indicator of releasing position. This indicator can be assembled inside or outside of the device.

The main requirements of electrohydraulic thruster applications are high quality and full reliability. The all parts of the products are fully tested. After assembling the working parameters of each product are measured and tested. These results are computer processed and enclosed to the delivered device.