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Electric control unit


In standard outputs, there are control units for pluggable, progressive, one line and multiline systems for central lubrication. These electrical units perform management and control of the central lubrication system. Operating lubrication system is possible in manual or automatic mode. Regular operation is automatic, and manual mode is used for the purposes of adjusting the service shop. The unit is equipped with all necessary signaling which is situated outside the cabinet, through which we monitor the work of individual system components, as well as all possible system errors during operation, such as the termination of some of the stations, cracking the pipeline, termination of the distributor, dispenser, etc. The drive of the pump is protected from overload with bimetal switches, which are an integral part of the motor protection switches. Management and control is done using PLC in which is inserted the appropriate application of the system. The parameters of operation and control, such as the time of break, duration of operation of the system, duration of pump work, control of the time and other parameters are very easy to change via the functional panels on the cabinet door even during the operation. All of the above parameters can be monitored and changed at the operator cabinet. At the request of the customer we can monitor other parameters of the system, too, as well as the work itself. With the control unit, we deliver following original software of the manufacturer of the delivered equipment, or an application in electronic form. Each control unit can have expandability RS232, RS485 or Ethenert ports depending on the applied equipment. Networking is simple, using: Modbus, Profibus, Facon, TCP / IP ... There galvanic separation of the control signal of the controller and actuators. In the unit are integrated components of renowned manufacturers such as: SIEMENS, ABB, OMRON or upon request.

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