Hydraulic equipment and systems

Hydraulic equipment and systems manufactured in Fluidotehnic have high quality construction, manufacturing and projecting where the smallest details are considered. Fluidotehnic in its project offices in its own production can develop devices and design solutions both less complex installations and very complex hydraulic systems used for various manipulative movements and operations with heavy machinery. In all this, a large part of the attention has been paid not only to function but also to the compact and design of devices and systems.

Thanks to its quality and the fact that the devices are built by renowned manufacturers, Fluidotehnic's equipment is present both at home and abroad, in the most difficult conditions such as in mines with underground and surface mining, steel mills, coke ovens, cement, brodogrdilištima, foundries, hydro power plants, ports, construction machinery ...

Devices and systems cover all of the applied working pressure ranges with the capability to work in the most adverse temperature ranges from -45 to + 45C.

Hydraulic Systems

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Thanks to the quality and robust construction, Fluidotechnic's devices have found application in the most difficult operating conditions.


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