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Pneumatic unit for single lubrication on cart


Pneumatic aggregate for cart lubrication is used for the individual lubrication, both in service workshops and in the field where the air pressure is present. Intended to operate in the most difficult conditions such as on excavators open pit mines, steel mills, cement plants i.t.d. It is a piston pump and it is mounted directly to a standard barrel for grease of 30 dm3.

The pump is easily movable as it is equipped with wheels, which are pumped with the air. A side from the pump, we deliver standard 5 meters long high-pressure hose, which at the end has a gun with a rotary connector that allows smooth rotation of the gun around three axes and thus handling it is pretty easy, despite the large intestine stiffness at high pressures. At the customer's request we can make different lengths of the hose.

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