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Control device - Differential pressure switch

The control device (differential pressure switch) is an electro hydraulic component whose task is to send information about the achieved differential pressure with the two-line lubrication system. In this way it is guaranteed that it has been reached an appropriate differential pressure in the main lines, and thus activated the dispensers and lubrication of each spot that has been lubricated with the required quantity of lubricant. It belongs to the group of piston compression switches, its housing contains piston which seals, thanks to its fine precision processing and preparation. This solution has enabled outstanding work both with small viscosity oils and with viscous oil and grease for lubrication. Its robust housing and compact design enable to perform in difficult conditions such as in the steel mills, cement plants, and open pit mines. Differential pressure for activation is 50 bar, but at a customer's request, it can be 100 bar.)

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