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Centralized Lubrications
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Unit for dual line lubrication (with electric driven change-over valve)


Aggregate for central lubrication with grease and oil is used in two-line system. It is designed to work in the harshest conditions such as on the excavator surface mines, steel mills, cement plants etc. Ultrasonic level measurer measures three levels of lubricant in the tank and its scope is made according to customer's needs. We recommend that you do the amendments using a supplement pump for  because of the purity of the lubricant and prevention from trapping air in the lubricant.. Pump is piston, fitted with a pressure gauge and safety valve that prevents its overload. Motorized valve when reached the required pressure at the end of the highway receives a command from the control cabinet and switches the flow to the second bus, and the micro switch signals that the lubrication cycle is completed. After you turn on the pump, manifold automatically charges the second highway lubrication with thelubricant and repeats the cycle.

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