IMS policy

The company "FLUIDOTEHNIC" is an organization in business growth. Our vision is to win and retain a leading position in the market. This is only possible if we professionally and profitably satisfy our customer's needs and expectations, if we provide safe and healthy working conditions and if we operate in a healthy and preserved environment. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to respect the following determinations:


  1. Customer satisfaction must be our most important goal and constant concern of all employees. This will be achieved by using high-quality resources, by the quality of delivered products that do not endanger the environment wherever they are used, by competitive prices and our business relationship.
  2. Constant investment of efforts to continuously raise the level of knowledge, abilities and skills of employees. Caring for the health and safety at work, for the preservation of the environment and standard of living.
  3. Making profit is the responsibility of all employees, which provides us with resources needed for our development and progress.
  4. Developing of partnerships with all business partners on the basis of common interests. Establishing the effective communication with all interested parties and other relevant organizations in order to provide better exchange of informations relevant to the environment and the health and safety of employees.
  5. All our business activities are carried out in conformity with the requirements of the legislation.
  6. We improve our business processes in order to rational use of raw materials, energy and water, and in order to prevent the environmentally harmful emissions into the air and also the pollution of soil and water.
  7. We are trying to fulfill our obligations towards the conformance, related to health and safety at work and environmental protection.
  8. We are aspired to reduce the total waste and to remove it in a controlled manner.
  9. We act preventively in order to avoid occupational injuries.
  10. We create appropriate working conditions, which enable us safe jobs.
  11. We are continually reviewing and improving the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system and environment and occupational health and safety.


As a Director, I am conducting my business policy by following firmly the set out principles, and I ask from the employees to act in accordance with this policy and to be maximally engaged in achieving these goals that derive from this policy.


                In Vrnjačka Banja,                                                                                                                   Director

              5th December 2017.

                                                                                                                                                      Šljivić Miroslav, dipl.inž.